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Procurement of Computers at Bhumi Training Centers



Bhumi, founded in 2006, is one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations. Volunteers of Bhumi work amongst orphaned and underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and New Delhi with the aim of providing children with quality supplementary education and enable them to become responsible and productive citizens of the future. The efforts of the volunteer force consisting of over 800 students and young professionals under the age of 30 will benefit over 7,500 children this year.

As a part of the efforts to bridge the societal gap by providing quality education to the under-privileged, Bhumi is imparting computer literacy in children (most of them who never used a computer) to ignite their young minds to the endless possibilities of the computer and help them lay the foundation for a better career.

With the increase in number of children there is a severe shortage of computers for hands on learning. Your donation of Rs 14,000 will be used to purchase a computer which will placed at the learning centers of Bhumi and used for training children on computer skills.



₨ 14,000.00
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