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Compassionate Rural Association for Social Action (CRASA)

CRASA is supporting children belonging to most back ward communities by providing necessary school items for their education. Illiteracy rate is high among the elders who mainly work as rag pickers, street cleaners, sweepers, housemaids and laborers and they take their children along with them for work. Eventhough children are enrolled in local schools, this leads regular absenteeism, dropout and turns as a child labour. CRASA is providing books, uniform and school bag to poor /orphan children in the local areas. Your donation of Rs 1300 will be used as follows


Uniforms -2sets:    Rs.850
Note books: Rs.200
School bag :



₨ 1,300.00
Donations You would Like to Make (In Numbers)
80G - 50% Benefit - for Indian Taxpayers

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