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To provide pre-primary education for a child of a woman prison inmate

Sahaara Charitable Society

There are over 250,000 under trials languishing in jails. Azaad reaches out to men, women and children incarcerated in prisons through in-prison service delivery and rehabilitation of ex-prisoners. Adult literacy, value education, computer skills training, medical camps, counselling and nutrition components, increase the quality of life of the prison inmates.

As a part of project Azaad among women and children, Sahaara Charitable Society provides the following interventions for women prisoners and their children,

  • Pre-primary education for children of women prisoners
  • Computer training for women prisoners constitutes of a six month for 20 women at a time wherein the basics of computers and usage of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point are taught.
  • Legal Aid for under trail women prisoners with voluntary assistance from lawyers helps out in contacting and interacting with various statutory authorities to ensure that the paperwork for release is completed and the prisoners are released.
  • Medical camps are organized focusing on dental, skin and eye problems.
  • Rehabilitation Facility for women ex-prisoners to provide a safe haven to the women ex-prisoners from different geographical, social and ethnic backgrounds to start their life afresh. Assistance is also provided to the women ex-prisoners enable them to acquire jobs and become independent.

 Your donation of Rs 5320 will provide 1 year of education to children of women prisioners.

₨ 5,320.00
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