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One nutritious mid-day meal to 20 old and destitute people

Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society (SERUDS)

Kunnamma, aged 70 is a destitute old age woman residing in a small hut. She finds it difficult to get one meal a day. At sometimes the neighbors used to feed her. But lately she has been leading miserable life with many starving days.

SERUDS happened to observe the conditions of these destitute old people in and around Kurnool city and started providing a midday meal regularly. Currently, SERUDS is providing midday meals to Kunnamma and 35 like others like her with rice, dhal, pickle, banana, apple, egg, sambar, curd, etc. The meal is served between 1PM and 2PM daily

Now the destitute old age women like Kunnamma are getting a proper midday meals and no longer go to sleep starving all because of the generous supporters of SERUDS.

Your donation of Rs 1000 can provide a nutritious meal to 20 old and destitute women.

₨ 1,000.00
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