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Provision of Walkers to destitute elderly unable to walk independently

Agewell Foundation

Healthcare is major concern for older persons in old age. Due to fast declining physical as well as mental health conditions, most people suffer from various diseases and health hazards. Especially in urban areas, health condition of old people is very critical for economically disadvantaged slums and poor rural areas. Since health awareness level is very low and sanitation level is poor due to widespread poverty and illiteracy, emotional & financial support system is not so strong in these areas, elderly are forced to live miserable life in absence of proper old age healthcare support system.

Agewell Foundation is working for the welfare and empowerment of older persons since 1999, has been conducting a healthcare campaign for destitute elderly with the objective toAgewell Distribution of walking sticks help them and provide them healthcare support equipment like wheel chairs, walkers, adult diapers, spectacle frames, walking sticks and bed pans to make their life easier.

Your donation of Rs. 700 will be used to provide the Walkers to two needy elderly to help them walk independently.

Rs. 350 per walkers x 2 elderly = Rs. 700

Please note that there are many more elderly who are in need of  walkers.The number 2 is used to optimize the overall purchase and distribution costs.

₨ 700.00
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