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Vaishali birthday


Vaishali Nigam Sinha is celebrating her birthday!

She would be delighted if you choose to support and fund iCharity.

The funds generated will be utilized for up-gradations and technological advancements of the platform in order to make giving easy and more accessible.

 We are grateful to Vaishali for raising funds for iCharity on her birthday.


About iCharity

iCharity has been established to support the NGOs working for the underprivileged and promote charity in the society. Through iCharity we are connecting you to various NGOs in India who are doing excellent work in their own chosen social sectors. iCharity online platform effectively facilitates a secure and online donations mechanism to reach out to intended beneficiaries. It also has a collection of articles, insights and social sector reports. Our vision is to make iCharity a one-stop center for all charity related activities.

Even though iCharity is built on highly cost effective web centric model, we need funds to support our day to day operations, salaries, maintenance of the website, rent, administration overheads, travelling, marketing and publicity. iCharity ensures that a minimum 85 paisa of every rupee donated is utilized by the beneficiary. We rely on donation and grants as we are a Non-Profit organization.

Donors can choose to donate in multiple units of 1,2,3 or more.

For any other amount please click here.

All donations are exempted under section 80G of Income Tax Act


Donation through cheque to be drawn in favor of "Art of Charity Organization (iCharity)" and sent to the following address.


Art of Charity Organization (iCharity)


10th Floor, DLF Square, M- Block ,Jacaranda Marg,


DLF City Phase 2 , Gurgaon-122002 ,Haryana ,India


₨ 1,000.00
Donations You would Like to Make (In Numbers)
80G - 50% Benefit - for Indian Taxpayers

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