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Contribute towards a fund for intensive care treatment for low-weight babies

Charutar Arogya Mandal


The donation will be utilized by the Patient Support Group of CAM to provide Neonatal ICU for very low birth weight baby. The prevalence of low birth weight is very high in India predominantly because of undernutrition of the mother prior to and during pregnancy and poverty is the main reason. Low birth weight if not taken special care from the start, it leads to an impaired growth (physical as well as mental) of the infant and risks of a higher mortality rate.


If it is found out that the low birth weight baby’s parents will not able to pay for the neonatal ICU, the parents are referred to Patient Support Group (PSG). The PSG conducts background checks and recommends the total cost of support. The hospital tries to provide funds and if they are not available, the baby’s profile will be circulated for fund raising.


The donation of Rs 10,000 will be used to provide Neonatal ICU for low birth weight babies till the baby stabilizes


₨ 10,000.00
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