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Sponsor a cataract surgery for a poor elderly person

ICARE Eye Hospital & Post Graduate Institute

Rural elderly poor have little or no access to eye care facilities that are by and large available only in urban centers. Often suffering from easily treatable ailments, such as cataract, they are forced to live a life dependent upon their sighted kin. ICARE runs an Outreach Programme that aims at reaching modern eye care services to the doorsteps of the patients. Patients requiring surgical interventions are transported to ICARE Hospital in Noida. Post surgery, they are dropped back to their respective peripheral centers. Majority of the outreach programme is free, with a ratio of better off patients receiving subsidized care. Patients from villages and slums most often do not have any documentary proof of their financial status; hence they are taken at their word as to their economic standing. The average number of surgeries per month is 738 which is free of cost, approximately 20-25 patients are brought back from any one campsite to the hospital for surgery. There may be more than one camp in any one day.  Out of 20-25 patients 98% and sometime 100% are elderly and sometimes the age differs from 45 -80 and above. None of the patients pay anything. All postoperative check-ups are carried out at the center itself.

The ICARE Ambulance with a team including Medical & Paramedics, field worker, Coordinator/Counselor and Optical Fitter visit the campsite on prefixed dates, as advertised before the camp.  People attending the camps are screened for refractive error, cataract, glaucoma, and other ocular diseases. Patients selected for surgery are examined for diabetes and hypertension. Those requiring spectacles are refracted and spectacles are dispensed at nominal cost. Special attention is paid to pediatric patients as childhood blindness can have a huge impact upon the economy of the country.   Patients identified for surgery are brought in ambulances to the base hospital. A detailed examination and investigation is conducted.  Surgery is performed the next day and on the third day, first postoperative examination is done. Patients found fit are discharged and sent back by ambulance.  Their stay, food, medicines, transportation and surgery is provided free of cost. Weekly visits are made to the camps sites for follow-up of operated patients. Fresh cases are examined and picked up for surgery.

Your donation of Rs. 1850 will be used for cataract surgery of a poor elderly person

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