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Sponsor a financial assistance to undergo cardiac(Heart) surgery

Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD)

Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD’s) vision is to facilitate economic development in rural India living by providing access to good education and health care. ASSCOD targets groups among lower caste families who are living below the poverty line, these are mainly in the rural areas of Cheyyar and Vandavasi Blocks in Tamilnadu.


Tribal people known as irulas have been living in isolated places of interior villages of Kancheepuram and Thiruvannamalai Districts have no access to basic amenities such as safe drinking water, shelter, clothing and health care facilities. ASSCOD is making sincere efforts to address those issues and improve the quality of lives of tribal people.

As a part of its health care projects, ASSCOD conducts regular medical camps in the villages. They will be given medical advices on preventive and curative health, necessary drugs and medicines. If any of them are found with severe medical conditions, they are either treated or referred to nearest specialty hospitals.  Currently ASSCOD found many people with cardiac problems which are needed to be treated. A complete course of treatment will cost around Rs. 15,000 /-.


Cost Break Up of ONE UNIT:


S No


Amount in Rs


Financial assistance will be given to the patients or the hospitals where the cardiac surgeries are performed








₨ 15,000.00
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80G - 50% Benefit - for Indian Taxpayers

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