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Yearly support for an orphaned vulnerable HIV+ve child undergoing ART treatment

Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha (MGVS)

MGVS is providing support to 217 HIV +ve children from 100 village of Aurangabad district and receiving Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART). 45 to 50% of these children are orphans and others are with single or foster parents and they are often left out without any care and support. And their close relatives usually extremely poor to take the necessary and special care.

Travelling to ART centres every month is also a big predicament, as villages do not have road access. Also the travel costs are high as the villages from the ART centre are at a minimum distance of 70km radius and travelling is very difficult. Also sometimes due to the limitations of ART Clinic timings they have to spend on overnight stay. Irregularity makes adherence to ART and subsequently resistance to treatment will predictably complicate the issues.

As the family members and relatives are not able to support, these children feel insecure, neglected, and fall prey to more infection and weakness, which ultimately leads to premature mortality.

It costs Rs 7800 /- for providing yearly ART treatment for 1 child along with a small provision for their travelling and other charges. Your donation of Rs 7800 can bring hope in the lives of these children.

₨ 7,800.00
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