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Support an old woman with clothes and groceries

Compassionate Rural Association for Social Action (CRASA)

CRASA is supporting about 100 women (mostly in their old ages) who are suffering in coastal villages. These women belong to poorer section of the society often abandoned by their own families. They live by doing some menial works. They are unable to support themselves fully event with work and often suffer from medical problems, which became worse after being untreated for long time.  CRASA is supporting them through free medical and eye camps for them and provide medicine and nutritional support. CRASA provides food items 15kilo rice, 1kilo cooking oil, 1 kilo provisions, 1 saree, 1 blanket and medicines to these identified women to live a decent life .

Your donation of Rs 1100 will be used to provide following to a poor abandoned woman in the local area

One blanket  Rs.250
One saree
 Rs 250
Rice 10kgs    Rs 350
Provisions  Rs 250


₨ 1,100.00
Donations You would Like to Make (In Numbers)
80G - 50% Benefit - for Indian Taxpayers

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