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Sponsor the cost of creating a DAISY DIGITAL TALKING BOOK to help blind Students read and learn

Andhjan Kalyan Trust

In India, less than <0.5% books are converted into accessible formats for persons with blindness. Andhjan Kalyan Trust has been running Talking Books Library at Dhoraji to cater to the
demands of persons with blindness or low vision in Gujarat state in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages. Once a book is produced as talking book, it takes only 30 rupees to create further copies of this book for distribution. Andhjan Kalyan Trust has engaged readers for recording, proof readers & audio editing persons for talking book production.

Blind student listening in daisy format

The cost of preparation of a book will be as follows;  

Activity Amount (Rs.)
Recording charge for 10 hours 2000
Proof  Reading charge for 10 hours 1000
Audio Editing charge for 10 hours 2000
Electricity, Administration cost for 10 hours of recording 1000
50 CDs for distribution @ Rs.10 per CD 500


 Your donation of Rs. 6500 will be used to create 50 CDs of one book for the benefit of blind people across India.

₨ 6,500.00
Donations You would Like to Make (In Numbers)
80G - 50% Benefit - for Indian Taxpayers

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