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MyPage related FAQs

What is mypage?

Through Mypage you can use the special occasions of your life such as a birthday, marriage etc to raise funds to support a cause or NGO. Using mypage you can request your friends, family members to donate to a cause rather than sending conventional gifts.

How can I raise funds using Mypage?

  1. Register yourself with iCharity
  2. Login and start creating your own Mypage here by filling up some requisite details.
  3. Identify the cause of your choice from the list of causes.
  4. Go through our sample Mypage to create a powerful and persuasive message about donating to your cause.
  5. After completing the details have a preview of your page and share it using facebook, twitter or email to your friends and family.
  6. Set your target amount to be raised.
  7. Interested individual can click the donate link which will take them to the iCharity payment page.
  8. You will able track the donations made to your Mypage.

Is there any charge for creating Mypage

No, you can create your own Mypage absolutely for free.

What happens if the target amount is not reached by the end date?

If the target amount is not reached by the end date, your Mypage will be still active. You can choose to continue till the target is reached or stop. In both ways the money will reach iCharity and afterwards to the NGO you are supporting.

Are donations that solicited through mypage are eligible for tax benefit?

Yes, all the individual donations made to your Mypage are eligible for tax benefits similar to any donation. To know the associated tax benefits click here.

Can I stop Mypage before the end date?

Yes, you can. First you will have to stop sharing your Mypage in facebook/ twitter. And after that send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to delete your Mypage.

How do I know who made donations and how much?

You can track the donations received to your Mypage by logging in your account and visiting the mypage section. And also you will receive a notification on every donation made to your page


Will I get a feedback report for my donation through Mypage?

Yes, you will. After receiving the donation you will get an appreciation letter for your efforts to raise funds for the cause. You will also receive a separate feedback report from the concerned NGO on the utilization of the donation.

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